The Alvarado Family

Meet Pam, her husband Tim, their third baby Lea, and first children Ryu and Roxy….If you talk to Pam, that’s what she always refers to her dogs as….her first children :)  It’s true….Ryu and Roxy have been great practice for the big picture of parenting.  The training has been paid off, Pam and Tim are AMAZING parents!  They love Lea unconditionally, but are very happy to hand her over to others for some more love and affection…something I’d imagine can be difficult as a first time parent, but as mentioned above, Ryu and Roxy have helped with that :)

We’ve known Pam and Tim for a while now.  We met back in 2006 when our husbands deployed to Iraq together.  Since then, we’ve also lived in North Carolina together, and now Washington State.  Needless to say, the Army creates lifelong friends, and we are lucky to call the Alvarado Family just that!

Pam is not only an Army wife and a mother of 3, she’s also a business owner.  Pam creates the greatest accessories for four legged friends as well as for babies.  Take a few minutes and check out her work at Bark and Giggle Boutique!  Pam also just recently joined my team with Juice Plus+ as well!  I’m thrilled to have her by my side and to be continuously awed by her brilliant and creative ideas…like her “Summer Celebration“.


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