Summer Celebration….Pam Alvarado Style :)

My friend Pam….She can do ANYTHING!  I’m serious…she started a business (a successful one at that) after her husband taught her how to sew!  More on this story later….it’s an entirely different post.  Pam never ceases to amaze me.  If your not her friend, I suggest you become one.  Not only is she fantastic in every way, she also throws some jaw dropping parties. The way she displays all of her crafty and delicious snacks makes you feel like you’re stepping onto the set of some fancy magazine cover shoot for Martha Stewart.

Here are some images from yesterday’s “Summer Celebration”.  And while you’re here…you might want to check out Pam’s business, “The Bark and Giggle Boutique”.

Everything was a HUGE hit….especially the popcorn!

The Pineapple Nut Sandwichs were SO good!  Even better, the recipe is very doable.  I’ll be figuring out a way to do a vegan version…soon so stay tuned to my vegan blog…better yet, subscribe to it!  Please?

Nothing says summer like fresh squeezed lemonade.  And the straws, made it that much better :)

Pam found the straws on etsy.  I’ll warn you though, the site is really addicting….Anyone sell their goods on etsy?  Please comment, I’d love to check out your work!

All the goodies, make me feel like a kid a candy store…which makes it very difficult to step away from the food table…especially these babies….I’ve saved the best for last.  Pam calls them “cake balls” while her husband, Tim appropriately (or inappropriately) refers to them as “crack balls”.  I’m siding with Tim on this one.  While I’ve never done “crack”, I know from statistics that it’s a very addicting drug.  Well so are Pam’s “Crack Balls”.

Stay tuned for some more goodies from Pam’s parties.  I’ve got a 1/2 Birthday Party to post soon :)


3 thoughts on “Summer Celebration….Pam Alvarado Style :)

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