Designs By Hemingway Decor

If you’re a veteran to this blog, you’ve already read about Debbie Hemingway and her sheer talent with design.  She is always thinking…designing in her mind…and often times, I wish I had her as my side kick when I’m trying to take images of food for my super shegan blog.  I wish I had a little nudge from her to say “have you thought about putting this there” and such.  It would make my images SO much better.  Instead, I use my white plates for everything because I have no chargers/fancy glasses/vases, etc..nothing creative….Debbie, will you please take me shopping?!?!?

Here is a little something Debbie put together….yeah, she’s amazing…if you are getting married…or someone you know is getting married….might I suggest contacting Debbie? She’s the real thing :)

And the venue where all of this creation took place….Steve McGarrett’s home on the new “Hawaii 5-0” series…also known as the Historic Bayer Estate.

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2 thoughts on “Designs By Hemingway Decor

  1. Thanks Christie. I love your photography. It turned out so beautiful!!!
    Just posting photos from our photo shoot last spring on my web site this month. Watch out for my blog too!!!
    Debbie Hemingway

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