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Harry Nix for Mayor

Regardless if you are a democrat or republican, one thing I think we can all agree on is that we need businesses to bloom…especially those who are trying to survive in a small community like Angola, IN.

Harry Nix, is not only my father-in-law, but the man who assisted his loving wife Chris in the upbringing of not just my husband and his 3 siblings, but also the upbringing of many children that weren’t even theirs!   All their life, Harry and Chris have taken in anyone who needed their help…all this while serving in the military as well as the Indiana State Police.

Now, the city of Angola needs help and Harry intends on running for Mayor to do just that.  “Service oriented” is the understatement of the year!  Harry has proven to have a life of service and instilled that same mentality in all 4 of his kids, each of who have been serving in different branches of the military since their High School Graduation dates.

Back in 2007, Harry gave the run for mayor a shot but was recalled back to duty with the Army.  He deployed to Afghanistan for a year, which also means that his wife Chris had officially sent each one of her family members off on at least one deployment.

Again, regardless of your political views, watch Harry’s teaser we filmed on Independence Day, when he announced he was running for the Mayor’s seat.  And, if you happen to be from Angola, consider electing this man…not only does he have some great points that he stands behind, but his heart is clearly in it.