Monthly Archives: July 2011

Lorelei Pearl Lages

Recently I introduced my nephew and niece from my side of the family in this post…Now, I get to proudly introduce the first addition of Patton’s side of the family.  We recently traveled to Indiana where Patton’s father is running for the mayor of his home town. While this was a very exciting experience, even more exciting was meeting our niece Lorelei (also known as Lulu) for the first time.  Lulu was born back in November when Patton was deployed and while I was in Hawaii…Just a few months shy of a year, we finally got to meet Lorelei with open arms.  We absolutely adore her and can not wait to see her grow…just not too fast ok, Lulu :)

Sometimes being a model can be rough :)

This is Lorelei’s friend Bella…Daughter of Patton’s friend since they were in diapers…Tommy :)