Jojo + Andrew

GLOW!  I don’t know why I do it, but every time I finish editing a project, I try to think of one word that sums up the couple featured…For Jojo + Andrew, I could think of a lot…but nothing really seemed to really define them until I heard Donavon Frankenreiter’s song “Glow”.  It was like the song was made for them.

As you can see, it was a tough day at the office.  Man, I hate what I do :)  This shoot was a true team effort.  Filming and photographing a couple on a Hawaiian Sailing Canoe isn’t the easiest….Yes, you are out in the bright blue Pacific Ocean and surrounded by some super green majestic mountains – that is a bonus for sure.  But as far as a photographer and cinematographer are concerned, we had to have to plan.  And by “we” I am talking about the one and only Lexi Mackenzie….The other half of Christiaan Phleger.  I’ve been working with this couple since 2006.  What makes them very unique is that they shoot on film!  And, the prints are handcrafted.  Chris has his own darkroom and you should hear him talk about!  You find yourself wanting to have your own darkroom :) Lexi and Chris understand the notion of making every shot count.  They have to, they don’t have the luxury of a CF card!

So back to our “challenges”…Equipment is extremely limited.  Canoes aren’t known for storage space or stability…you bring the bare necessities – no extra camera bodies, lenses, lights, tripods..nothing but what you really need!  If you’ve ever filmed with a DSLR, you’ll understand why handholding a 7D is such a pain….so please excuse the shaky footage :)  There is always a plus side though…being under pressure…and having limitations actually creates different ways of thinking :)

You have to be wondering about that Hawaiian Sailing Canoe huh?  If you are a tourist reading this post from Waikiki, do yourself a favor and get to the windward side of Oahu!  This is a great opportunity for you locals too!  Andrew grew up on the island and this photo shoot was the first time he had an experience like that.  Nakoa and his wife Terry are the people to take you out!  They are the proud owners of the Hawaiian Sailing Canoe featured in the video.  Its a family run business called “Hawaiian Ocean Adventures” and they can tell you all sorts of stories about the Hawaiian Culture.  And if you are the real adventurous type, talk to Terry about some great extreme sports that Hawaii has to offer.  She is the segment producer and Director of sales and marketing for Ocean Paddler TV and Hawaiian Xtreme Sports TV.

A big mahalo to all that were involved!  It was a pleasure working with you!  A hui hou!

Oh..and I meant to share this image that Lexi and Chris took of Patton and I….our FIRST wedding!  Just kidding Mom and Dad – we got to be on the cover of the magazine “Destination I Do“…maybe that photo shoot prompted Patton to ask me to marry him…we got married less than a year later.  So I have Lexi and Chris to thank for that :)


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