My Big Brother…and His Family :)

These pictures are from last summer….they are of my favorite people…This wasn’t a scheduled photo shoot, just a day in the life of the McKinley’s – which is my favorite time to take pictures :)

Matt is the closest thing I have to a brother.  His parents had one child, my parents had one child (Me :), and conveniently they were neighbors.  We wore out a path in the woods going back and forth from our house to their house.  We’d get pictures together on our first day of school together.  Matt (being 3 years older than me) walked me though the very intimidating doors of the kindergarten classroom – he always looked out for me…but he also toughened me up with many “charlie horses”  to the arms…and legs.  It worked out for the best I suppose :)

This week, Matt took his son to kindergarten round up, which makes me feel ancient as I can still remember the picture of us on the 1st day of school (kindergarten for me)….25 years ago.  Where does time go?

I’m proud of Matt….he became the three things he’s always wanted to be…a police officer, a great husband, and a damn good dad!

This is from a “ride along” with Matt hard at work :)  Nothing “exciting” happened, but I got to see some beautiful views of Traverse City, MI….and also got to eat the greatest pizza in the world….Matt, you’ll have to confirm the name of the pizza place.

The next few images are my favorites…I think they capture real life…waking up and having coffee with the puppy…..

Bedhead Hair….so cute :)

Bedhead/Breakfast in the hair…

Pure sweetness!

Lena and her dolls…I love the eye on the doll next to her….Too funny!

Gaston….The dog who eats diapers….and a bunch of other gross things.  He’s cute though :)

Beth (Matt’s AMAZING wife) and Joseph – Bonfire night!

More bonfire fun….

Matt likes guns….any kind….even if bubbles come out of them :)

Almost down for the count…..

This family is perfect to me….I love them with all of my heart….and I love to document their lives….even when everything isn’t always perfect :)

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4 thoughts on “My Big Brother…and His Family :)

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  2. How cool is this?! I click over to your site from Monica’s (grommom) and see that your brother is a police officer in my town. The world just keeps getting smaller. ;)

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