Angela + Raymond

Angela + Raymond were married at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel…also known as the “Pink Hotel”.  It was one of the first hotels to open on the island of Oahu (1927) along the shoreline of Waikiki…There is something magical about the grounds at the Royal Hawaiian…maybe its all the history, but I’m pretty sure on the day of Angela + Raymond’s wedding, it was the positive energy amongst the bride and groom as well as all of their guests…Everyone was thrilled to be there to celebrate the joining of families….They even clapped when Angela walked down the aisle, I LOVE that!   I also LOVE how Raymond looked at Angela as she walked down the aisle toward him! Everyone was HAPPY…when that happens, its contagious and you find that at the end of the night, your jaw hurts from smiling…thats when you know, you’ve filmed a special day for a very special couple…a couple you will always remember!

Congratulations Angela + Raymond!

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One thought on “Angela + Raymond

  1. Ori says:

    Love the video… Fantastic work!! Angela, you look so gorgeous and Raymond, you are awesome… miss you guys!! XOXO ~ Ori

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