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Introducing….Strawberry815…and Stephanie + Shawn

Angel De Armas has been my mentor since 2005.  If you know Angel, you’ll know that he is by far one of the most talented individuals in the wedding cinematography industry and he’s by far the most humble!  Seeing Angel film, you wouldn’t expect much from the outcome of the product, I say this because he is the epitome of “non-invasive”.  Numerous brides have commented on how they never see him, but what he captures is absolutely draw dropping stunning, and super emotional… Try watching one of his videos without crying….I DARE YOU!

So for the past 6 years, I’ve been a mind for molding….I’ve watched everything Angel does, and listened to everything he’s said, and to think that kind of experience wasn’t enough…I’ve had the support of Angel to encourage me to start my own business…hence Strawberry815.

Here is the beautiful thing about connections…My first couple (Stephanie + Shawn) that I filmed for Stawberry815 was actually a family that Angel and I became very connected to.  Back in 2007 we filmed a wedding for a great couple – the type of couple you will always remember – Jason and Rolin.  Everything about them was memorable including the family…not long after the wedding, Angel was approached by Jason and his brother Shawn – their mother had passed and they asked us to put together a video for her funeral. What they gave us was home footage of their lives.  There was no fancy filming, just the most touching moments of love and family.  You see, as a video editor you really get to know people – you view footage over and over again and pick up on little things.  What I picked up on through those home movies was love….never ending amounts of love.  Jason and Shawn’s mother was a ray of sunshine, the kind of person who was taken way too early but also the kind of person who you know is lighting up the Heavens even more :)  The worlds loss, but Heaven’s gain kind of thing….

So, when I was contacted by Shawn and his fiance Stephanie to film their wedding, I was SO honored!  I absolutely adore this couple…a couple who to me will always be more to me than a bride and groom…to me, they have become my friends and without the big events that happened in their lives, I wouldn’t have known Stephanie and Shawn as well as the amazing people who make up their family.  So without further adieu, I present to you “Stephanie + Shawn”…..

Many Mahalos to the Ching and Uechi Familes.  It has been a pleasure to get to know you!  And a big thank you to my second shooter, Randy Panado for rocking it on the steadicam and to Mike and Jon at Visionari, the super talented team of photographers who captured Stephanie + Shawn’s day. You guys are so talented!  I always LOVE working with you guys and appreciate your support :)