Monthly Archives: February 2011

Introducing…The Grommom!

What is a Grommom?  Well, lets start with the definition of a grom or grommet….It’s a kid who surfs/skates/does any extreme sport.  And if you’ve seen my video of The Swanson Family you’ve already been a witness to it!  A Grommom is simply the mother of a grom…or in Monica Swanson’s case…a mother of 4 grooms (one less than a year old, but sure to follow in the footsteps of the others).

When the waves roll in, Monica and her Grom Husband Dave take action.  They load surfboards, sunscreen, snacks, rashguards, and often times additional neighborhood groms into their SUV and head to the next surf break…The same goes for heading to the skate park.  Witnessing the organized chaos of moving around equipment in order to ensure everyone is buckled in while also putting their pads and helmets on as fast as possible is quite an amazing experience….Its truly the epitome of “multitasking”.

To say the least, Monica’s life is very exciting….its based on faith, love, health, learning, and action packed sports!  Not only is she a grommom, wife, and personal trainer…she also  home schools all of her children.  Right now, the Swanson Family are in a very unique situation, so the Grommom has decided to blog about this very interesting season of their lives.  I’ll let you goto her site to learn more but before you go, check out the photo shoot!