Annie, Eric, Barkley, and Fenway

November has been a very exciting month for this Kaneohe based family.  Annie, Barkley, and Fenway have been anxiously awaiting Eric’s return home from deployment!  I first heard about Annie and Eric through a mutual friend, Sasha Reichart of Cakelava.  Upon meeting up with Annie and Eric, we started some small talk and I found out they were married at The Pacific Aviation Museum.  This instantly struck a chord with me as I was able to figure out where I had seen them before….a blog featuring their wedding 2 years ago!  They say the military is a small world, well so is the Hawaii Wedding Industry!  It was nice to have not only the military as an instant connection, but also having some of the same wedding vendors (Cakelava and Debbie Hemingway) assist in each of our wedding days :)

Annie and Eric are such a sweet and loving couple!  There is no better feeling than when a soldier returns home after a long deployment, so it was so nice to be able to document it!  A big mahalo to Annie and Eric for the sacrifices they’ve made and for Eric’s service to our country!


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