Monthly Archives: October 2010

Natasha, Suneel, and Baby Zaden!

Timing is Everything…The very next day after Nathasha + Suneel’s Pregnancy shoot, Natasha went into labor!  Had we waited just one day, we would’ve never gotten those belly shots!

For this shoot, I not only met Natasha and Suneel’s pride and joy, Zaden…I also met Natasha’s parents (Manu and Vijay) and brother, Rahul.  Everyone was so excited about the new baby and they were all beaming with pride over this adorable little guy who weighed less than 6 pounds!  I couldn’t help but oogle over this bundle of joy – that little body and that full head of hair – he’s just so cute!

Congratulations Natasha and Suneel!  And a big thank you to Natasha’s family for inviting me to stay for dinner and getting me hooked on Indian Food :)