The Swanson Family…Part 2

You may remember The Swanson Family from a post I submitted in March.  I had mentioned how these kids totally rip it up on skateboards/surfboards/basically anything they touch!  Well now you are about to witness it!  Not only is every member of this family completely talented and athletic, they have the warmest…kindest hearts!  I will always keep in the closest contact with the Swansons, and someday ….when or if that biological clock of mine ever begins to tick, I’d like to take Monica and Dave’s parenting skills and apply it to my own offspring….Here’s hoping they get Patton’s “good at everything” genes!

As a side note, I can’t just post this without telling you how God brought Monica into my life.  It was a Monday morning in Mililani, HI where I was working at this horrible want-to-be “Mailboxes, Etc.” kind of place.  Customers were everywhere, I was very new on the job, by myself, and praying for God to turn on the smoke alarm and rid me from the chaos! Just then, the nicest…most adorable pregnant girl was asking me questions about ME.  What she was doing was recruiting me to be her nanny for her 2 boys (Josiah – the oldest, Jonah – the youngest) and soon to be Luke who would arrive in February.  I was thrilled!  Just as I was going to submit my 2 week notice, a fax came through from the owner saying he was closing up shop!  What a blessing!  I was brand new to Hawaii, just about to start college and here was this family that was literally going to change my life!

Later, Monica told me that she and Dave prayed and prayed to find someone to come to their home and take care of their children.  I’m so happy they did.  They are my link to everything good that happened in Paradise.  The Swansons introduced me to another great family, the Kootsikas Family who led me to some other great friends…the Savages…All who are considered more like family since mine was according to google maps 4,901 miles away.

Through the Swanson’s I also got an amazing mentor (turned family) Angel De Armas, who without his help and guidance I would never ever be where I am today. So really, I have a lot of people to thank…all of these people not only took me in as family, they were also a huge part in finding my husband.  I’ve had the privilege of observing some amazing marriages and some pretty awesome parenting skills.  They were huge deciding factors in (as Patton would put it) the most selfish decision you’ll ever make…choosing your soul mate.

As another side note, tonight I got to meet the newest member of the Swanson Family…he was featured in the video above however; when the boys were ripping it up at the skate park, Levi was body surfing it up in Monica’s belly :)

I’m leaving you with two images from an impromptu photo shoot.  The first one is of Monica and her boys in front of the breathtaking view of Gig Harbor…Dave, we missed you!  The other is of Monica’s parents celebrating 46 years of marriage…now I am seeing the foundation of where Monica and Dave’s marriage began :)


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