Road Trip!!!

Thought I would share this since many of you have asked how the dreaded Road Trip went.  I used to like road trips, but living on Oahu for 6 years really ruined me since I could drive around the entire island in 3 hours…so the thought of 36 straight hours from North Carolina to Washington State didn’t excite me….so much so that Patton told me if I wanted I could just fly there and he’d make the drive by himself…with a full motorcycle trailer in tow…Ummmm no, I’m not that bad of a wife.  I sucked it up, buckled in, and actually enjoyed the ride – well most of the time :)

We saw some amazing things along the way….and some things that claimed to be amazing that weren’t.  Wildlife was everywhere.  We saw a bear get chased by an Elk, Bison taking walks along the side of the road, and a coyote that was literally 3 feet away from us…YIKES!  We slept in our jeep at night a few times – which was very cold – but those are the times I actually remember most as Patton and I literally had no distractions and we actually got to “talk” – something even he will admit, he’s not very good at :)

Our country is beautiful, if you haven’t experienced it, please do!  Oh, and don’t judge….I wear a bite splint when I sleep and I’m proud of it….Also, I’m very whiney in the morning so FYI!

We’re in Seattle now, so holler at us if you are heading our way….We may just take you on an excellent adventure!


The “Happy 2 Year Anniversary” message is meant for Patton, it was my gift to him since we couldn’t spend it together.


14 thoughts on “Road Trip!!!

  1. Lily Strysko says:

    Loved this..pure love and fun!

  2. akipaki says:

    I Love Love it! Very cool! (cracked up when you waved at the animal sitting down around 5:30 mark) so cute…

  3. I LOVE THIS!! You are so amazing Christie :) Can’t wait to join you all the way over there!!

  4. Erin Coon says:

    Christie, That was an amazing look at your journey. You are so talented and so lucky to have found each other. We hope to come out and visit some time soon! Thoughts and prayers with Patton as he continues to serve our country.

  5. Angela Chase LaBean says:

    HaHaHa… Like always I was cracking up at you:) You guys are adorable & it’s looks like the drive wasn’t so bad after all!

    • maxwellleec says:

      Ang…or “Andy” as Amber Mae calls you…You crack me up! I was so glad I got to see you over the summer and share some laughs with you! Congrats Aunty! I can’t wait to meet her!

  6. Melissa Kootsikas says:

    Love, love, LOVE the video!! You are talented!! Watching the video makes me miss you…

    I might just need to call you now.

    • maxwellleec says:

      So glad you called! I’m glad you can appreciate the video, especially since you witnessed the ones that I made at the early stage of my career :) I miss you all so much! Hope to see you sometime soon!

  7. Sonya says:

    Such an awesome video and such a special anniversary gift! Miss you guys!!!

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