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Kelly + Ron – Save The Date

Two years ago when Patton and I were planning our wedding, I decided to lure our guests to Hawaii with a “Save The Date” Video that was included in our invitation. It featured some clips of paradise as well as footage of Patton and I.  The “marketing” was very effective, bringing in over 70 people to attend our destination wedding!  Now we are going to test it out with Kelly and Ron…

They not only wanted to announce their engagement in a unique way, they also wanted friends and family to get an idea of who their other half is.  While the happy couple are both from Michigan, fate brought them together in North Carolina.  Now, Ron is stationed at Fort Lewis, WA but deployed in Afghanistan.  Kelly is not only planning their 5-29-2011 wedding but she is also finishing up vet school at NC State.

Nothing makes my job easier than when you have a couple who adores each other…Kelly and Ron are a step above that…They are crazy, head over heels in love with each other and it was so fun to capture!

A big thank you to Kelly and Ron for all of the fun!  Patton and I are very much looking forward to documenting your wedding this coming May!

Anyone else besides me think that Patton should get out of the Army and be my assistant?  Yeses are welcome :)