La Plume Couture

Debbie Hemingway has been a specialist in floral and event decor in Hawaii.  She’s so good, that I gave her free reign in the complete design of my wedding.  It wasn’t until my wedding day that I saw her creation, and to say I was “Wowed” is an understatement.  Well, the same goes for the opening of her new business “La Plume Couture“.  Debbie has made an adult version of “dress up” and I want in on the action!  She’s crafted handmade bouquets, boutonnieres, bracelets, hair adornments, vintage hats, and handbags!  Check out her new website, but first check out the video below highlighting the fun we had with feathers!

Among the amazing team in this video is:

Designs by Debbie Hemmingway

Makeup by Heather Saffery

Modeling by Wendy who is also a part of the talented team of Photographers L’Amour Photography

Filmed at the beautiful Bayer Estate by yours truly :)


4 thoughts on “La Plume Couture

  1. […] military as an instant connection, but also having some of the same wedding vendors (Cakelava and Debbie Hemingway) assist in each of our wedding days […]

  2. Robert says:

    Howzit! Great site! I look forward to what ever you have in mind.

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