Monthly Archives: April 2010

A Doggone Good Day

Kelly and Shannon are best friends who just finished up a long semester of vet school.  To celebrate, they gave their dogs treats galore…to ensure for a great photo shoot!  I brought my husband Patton along on this shoot for many reasons.  The first being: Animals are similar to children…they are always more difficult to photograph…ok alot more difficult!  But with children and animals, there is an opportunity to throw out the poses that work, dig your elbows into the dirt, and really get on the level of your subject in hopes for an image that highlights their personality.  Bleu, Paige, and Samson had no problem showing us what they were made of :)

A big thank you to Patton for not only holding my lights, but also for being the treat holder/entertainment committee/photog assistant…all while tolerating your allergies to these furry friends.

Kelly and Shannon, Congratulations on a successful end to the semester.  Thank you for the endless laughs, we had a great time!